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So far we have raised over 0,000 allowing us to compensate Perl internals experts including Nicholas Clark and Dave Mitchell to do more than they could on an unpaid basis.

The Perl Foundation doesn't write the Perl language, we don't influence its direction; instead we work with the Perl community to organize funding, volunteers, marketing, and legal counsel.

The Perl 5 Core Maintenance fund was created in June 2011, in collaboration with some of Perl 5's most generous supporters, such as and craigslist Charitable Fund.

Our goal was to pay a few key volunteer developers to spend more of their time working on the maintenance and development of Perl 5.

brian d foy is the author of Mastering Perl, now available in its second edition, as well as several other Perl books.

As the founder of Perl mongers, he's been active in the Perl community for almost 20 years.

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