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Commonly known as the emergency-manager law, Michigan's P. Detroit public schools have had a string of emergency managers dating back to 2009, but are still on the brink of insolvency while serious academic deficiencies remain.(CN) — The Securities and Exchange Commission claims two former executives misled investors by plugging in fake numbers to overstate the performance of a real-estate investment trust.The charges come almost two years after American Realty Capital Properties admitted errors on its registration statements prepared in connection with its sale of 138 million shares in May 2014, at per share.Founded in 2010, the trust had 3,809 properties as of March 31, 2014, consisting of 101.8 million square feet of leasable space.Consumers and retailers alike have brought lawsuits for years over these so-called reverse settlements.

In the 2012 general election, Joel Crookston wrote in his friend's name for the office of Michigan State University trustee, took a "selfie" of his ballot with his phone and then posted it on Facebook.

"For this activity, Michigan law requires the rejection of Crookston's ballot and forfeiting his right to vote in a primary or general election," according to his complaint filed Friday in Western Michigan Federal Court.

(CN) — The Sixth Circuit upheld Monday the constitutionality of Michigan's emergency-manager law that allows the governor to put unelected officials in charge of poor, usually black neighborhoods, and which some blame for creating Flint's lead-water crisis. Rick Snyder to suspend all elected officials in financially distressed municipalities and transfer their power to an appointee of his choosing.

(CN) — A federal judge ordered the Treasury Department to fully respond to a foreign bank's denials of money-laundering activity before cutting it off from the U. The investors brought the underlying class action over a decade ago, accusing insurance giant AIG of entering into a sham 0 million reinsurance transaction with Gen Re designed to mislead investors and artificially inflate AIG's share price.

Formerly known as the Federal Bank of the Middle East, FBME has shown a "willingness to service the global criminal element," according to the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, or Fin CEN, a bureau of the U. (CN) — Finding that employee retirement plans are separate from the company, the Second Circuit on Tuesday said American International Group investors cannot keep a 5 million settlement to themselves.

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An item in the Federal Register in July 2014 said Fin CEN had found that FBME actively advertised itself to high-risk shell companies used to finance terrorism and organized crime, evade sanctions and otherwise fund illegal activity worldwide.

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