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A zip file containing all six disk sides in d64 format is available for download here: Color 64 v7.37 More will be added to this website as time permits.

Click here to download a zip file of 64 Blazer Term (including complete documentation and source code), and click here to download a step-by-step guide that I wrote which explains how to run 64 Blazer Term in DOSBox. Instead, use Flash Term (see link below), Hyper Terminal, or another ASCII-capable terminal program for your first call.Following your first call, after you have an assigned ID number, you can use a Commodore graphic terminal program without any problems.Jeff Ledger has written an excellent document entitled Putting Your Commodore Online.This document explains, in detail, how to connect your Commodore computer to a PC, enabling you to call the Telnet-accessable BBSs with your Commodore! Nick Smith, the author of All American BBS, has authorized me to release his software to the Public Domain on his behalf.The following are the final releases of AA BBS for the C64 and C128, as well as the source code for each, in zipped d64 format: All American BBS v11.6b All American BBS v11.6b Source Code All American BBS 128 v12.5c All American BBS 128 v12.5c Source Code I have been unsuccessful at tracking down Bill Jackson, the author of Ivory BBS.

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