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Working through the God options with gay men can be excruciating. All you can do, all you have ever done for me is hold out your hand when darkness falls, as I tread each treacherous step and The Sex Rehab show effect has been cumulative.Why bother looking for spiritual validation when they can get immediate validation on Grindr? When it first aired I expected to be immediately recognized.I used to love AA in LA; my love for it was actually the reason I first moved to LA. It’s like a cult—sober grandees ruling over desperate men, the film industry providing the sickest of backdrops: men flaying themselves before agents and film executives in the hope of catching crumbs from the sober table I see this everywhere from the straight stag meetings, where misogyny and homophobia are expressed freely, to the sickest meetings of all: Gay AA in LA. As the weeks and months pass more and more people come up to me in the street and introduce themselves.

Many of these sober parties are indistinguishable from their non sober equivalent: scantily clad men line up for espresso machines manned by disco short-wearing super hot straight guys more used to shaking cocktails than dispensing coffee to gay guys jacked up on caffeine.Unable to attend drug-crazed gay circuit parties, many gay sober men in LA flock to the sober circuit parties, such as Hot ‘n Dry, which is held annually in Palm Springs.These events are more likely to take someone out than any other reason I’ve ever heard in gay AA.Yearly, after this event, bedraggled gay men turn up at meetings, their eyes blazing from excessive drug use, taking newcomer chips. After all, the Hot n’ Dry ticket salesman had assured me that it would be “a sex fest from the moment you arrive at the Ace Hotel.” The absurd idea that we can behave like we have always behaved as long as we have a deluded and lackluster understanding of the 12 steps just doesn’t work.Two years ago, after I appeared on , I suggested that within the gay community, we might have a sexual unmanageability problem and was flooded with vitriol.

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