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version of Java is only required if you compile Java source code on the command line and for advanced development scenarios.

For example, if you use automatic builds or if you develop Java web applications.

As a developer person you probably know how to extract a compressed file but if in doubt, search with Google for "How to extract a zip (or on Linux and Mac OS) file on …​", replacing "…​" with your operating system.

Extract Eclipse into a directory with no spaces in its path, and do not use mapped network drives.

Also avoid to have path names longer than 255 characters.

Installations of Eclipse in directories with long path names might cause problems, as some Microsoft Windows tooling can not manage these long path names.

A common startup error happens when the user tries to launch a 64-bit version of Eclipse using a 32 bit JVM or vice versa.

In this case Eclipse does not start and the user gets a message containing exit code=13.

A 32-bit Eclipse must run with Java 32 bit, and 64-bit Eclipse must use a 64-bit JVM.

Use A view is typically used to work on a set of data, which might be a hierarchical structure.

If data is changed via the view, this change is typically directly applied to the underlying data structure.

This tutorial describes the usage of Eclipse as a Java IDE.

It describes the installation of Eclipse, the creation of Java programs and tips for using Eclipse. While the Eclipse IDE for Java development is widely known, the Eclipse open source community is much bigger.

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