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Why do people keep referring to Transsexual Women as shemales?Almost everyone outside of the LGBT Community refers to Transsexual Women as "Shemales".Calling a Transexual Women a "Shemale" is equivalent to a White person calling me a Niqqer.

Transsexual women are women who are born with male anatomy.

They don't "get a penis put on them" and they don't "try to become a man"; they're born with a penis, and most will have surgery to correct that.…Why are transsexual women better mothers than born women?

Whether they have surgery or not, most transsexual women will sit when they "go to the bathroom", just as other women do. We already know that most transsexual women are more feminine and beautiful than natural women.

But why are they better mothers than born cis-women? For some reason, I have always been more attracted to transsexual women than women that are born female. I am sexually attracted to both women and transsexuals but I have trouble getting it up with a 'regular' (for lack of a better word) women.

The attraction your feeling isn't right or wrong, or weird or not. Transsexual women want to be liked just as much as normal women, so have fun and go with it.

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