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Findings from this research revealed that majority of the respondents use Facebook approximately 30 minutes to 2 hours daily.

They also use Facebook not only to share entertainment materials but also communicating with their classmates on course related topics.

Similar to the findings from another study, the students communicated on Facebook using a one-to-many style however in a more passive manner as most of the instances, they are not the creator of the content but only as viewer.

This study could be extended to study more in-depth habits of SNS use by postgraduate students.

It also provides many new ways and organized approach to mating ritual.

This study identifies the attitudes of young adults towards online social networks and online dating sites usage.

Individuals are now able to interact, connect, and share information, photos, and other media in various SNSs.Facebook is one of the largest and most populated SNS in the world that is accessible by anyone including university students.Hence, it is interesting to understand the habits of use of such application by students, how they interact on these sites, and the nature of their influence on the deployment of Facebook into formal learning and as course communication tool.Increasingly, gay and bisexual men (GBM) meet casual sex partners online and this has been associated with sexual risk behavior. This online anonymous survey of 4215 GBM included 2562 men with a primary regular partner (PRP) who were included in these analyses. At all time points, men who met their PRP online were somewhat older than those who met their PRP offline. Meeting their PRP online increased from 14.0 % before 2001 to 79.9 % in 2013-2014.

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