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Also I don't have a large intestine so that compounds the problem. I know some of you all chimed in missing sex but TODAY I miss so many damn foods I just want to honor them here and say hello to them.

One day last fall our daughter decided she would make us up a crock of homemade beans, damn but they were good, so good I had two (or three) helpings. Three O"clock in the morning, up to go to the bathroom but the... I know they are full of small seeds but they are at their peak and they look so lucious it is had to pass them. I had an appt with my surgeon and I can finally eat soft food. I am new to the land of ostomy and I feel the Ostomy nurses don't share as much as I can read on here. I wish I found you all earlier I have a brand new colostomy and some questions with respect to... Hello ty for clicking on my topic i am looking for a diet/recipe or any handy tips that people who have used or discovered when being underweight and have a ileostomy/stoma iam 6ft something since the last time i remember and 9st (126lb... I have been irrigating, and have been told to try limiting my fiber to get more time between irrigating. since I got my ileo 4 years ago I always had a problem with high liquid output from my stoma which resulted in dropping 10-15 pounds at a time and having to go back to the hospital and spending a day or two getting an IV to put the water back in...

I'm just over 4 months out from surgery and have the new stoma just 7 weeks or so. Hi everyone' My question may seem strange to some of you all but here goes..... fistula causing constant urine leak despite a foley cath. I have an ileo and it seems like it is constantly a juggling on what to eat, potato, pasta etc makes my output To thick, which brings on pancaking which brings a nice blow out, so to combat that, I am drinking prune juice, grapejuice,, &nbs...

I have a problem with food intake and need to know if anyone else suffers from this or help me find a way to fix it... I had my take down surgery May 6 2010 and ever since I have this crazy craving for radishes!!! Double Barrell diverting due to rectal tear from hyst. Hi Everyone, I am one of the silent followers on the site and it is so great to read everyone's blogs even if we don't ever answer.

Im talking a lb a day....Anyone else have crazy cravi... One thing that has been concerning me for a while is that lots of folks talk about eating or not eatin...

I have had an ileostomy for 15 months and still have tons of questions.

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I also have pancreatic cancer, am diabetic, and have a fistula which means I also have a bag on my back! I had my ileostomy for over 10 years now and have gone through quite an ordeal at the beginning. pretty soon I will be able to start work as a security guard.

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