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After getting the whole group engaged in conversation and having a good time, your target blurts out “Hey nice pink shirt!

Dating market value is a measurement of how you stack up against other men in the competition for attracting female interest. It will give you a fairly accurate assessment of the quality and number of women you are capable of attracting for a sexual relationship. under 25 years old: 0 points 26-34 years old: +1 point 35-45 years old: 0 points 45+ years old: -1 point 2. under 5’9″: -1 point 5’9″ to 5’11”: 0 points 6′ to 6’4″: +1 point over 6’4″: 0 points 3. Have you ever played a leading role in a team sport? It’s a safe assumption that most people know a high status job when they see it.) High status : -1 point 11. 0 to 3: -1 point 4 to 20: 0 points over 20: +1 point 12. Within the past month: +1 point Between one month and one year ago: 0 points Over one year ago: -1 point 14. None: -1 point A few have: 0 points Nearly everyone who knows me: +1 point 15. Under 85: -1 point 85 to 110: 0 points 110 to 130: +1 point 130 to 145: 0 points over 145: -1 point 16. (C) kiss for a little bit then push her gently away and look distracted for a second. (C) immediately approach but from an indirect angle, looking around the room distractedly on the way over to your target as if you might see an even prettier girl somewhere else, and finally delivering your opener from over your shoulder. Girls, you may take this quiz for your boyfriends to see if you are slumming it or about to be cheated on. How many friends have you met through the internet that you have never seen in person? At a party, which happens first – you approach someone or someone approaches you? You’re chatting up a pretty girl you just met in a bar. You’ve just met a cute girl in a club and have been talking with her for five minutes when she abruptly changes the topic to a raunchy conversation about her multiorgasmic ability. (C) a raised eyebrow while saying “Hey, thanks for the medical report.” If you answered (A), subtract a point. I approach someone first almost every time: +1 point I occasionally approach first: 0 points Someone normally approaches me first: -1 point 17. After a few minutes she asks you to buy her a drink. You respond with: (A) a huge grin and an eager “Damn! Have you ever been in a serious fight where real punches were thrown and you felt like you wanted to kill your opponent(s)? She turns her cheek to you and says “Slow down, I’m not that kind of girl.” You reply: (A) “Sorry.” (B) “Yeah, well, no prob.” (C) “This could be trouble ’cause I’m that kind of guy.” *smirk* If you answered (A), subtract a point. You reply: (A) “Sure.” (B) “I’m not an ATM.” (C) “No, but you can buy me one.” If you answered (A), subtract a point. No: 0 points Yes: +1 point Yes, with a girl: -1 point 18. No: 0 points Yes: +1 point Yes, for child pornography or public exposure: -1 point **** It’s best to answer the following four questions based on your past experience with similar scenarios.

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