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The Bears already seem to be in the middle of a lost season, and without Jay Cutler, they'll be facing even more of an uphill battle.

Meanwhile, behind Dak Prescott, the youthful Cowboys have shown they're able to compete and seem in good position to win their second straight.

Kevin Garnett is expected to announce his retirement after 21 seasons in the NBA, the Star Tribune reported Friday.

The future Hall of Famer will walk away as the best player in Timberwolves history and among the top forwards of all time.

In an effort to see how life has changed for Barstool Sports since being acquired by The Chernin Group this past year, we sat down with Dave Portnoy and discussed humble beginnings, how he's adjusting to life in New York, the insanely popular #Saturdays Are For The Boys campaign, what scares him about the industry and more.

Time revealed on Thursday that the San Francisco 49ers quarterback will be featured on the cover of its October issue, marking a big step forward in his efforts to spark a national conversation about police brutality and racial injustices.

A horrible performance against the Rams in Week 2 makes it hard to justify a ranking this high, but Russell Wilson was hobbled.

And now you have an impressive way of flipping the conversation on its head.

Most people think that they can save money just by being careful.

However, as you probably know from experience, it’s pretty easy to get distracted and purchase things you don’t need.

That’s why it’s so important to keep tabs on your monthly expenses by creating a budget.

Contrary to popular belief, budgets aren’t meant to be stifling.

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