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A third condition in treating a narcissist is that you have sufficient support from other people.

Treating or dealing with a narcissist costs a large amount of energy, time and perseverance..stress. are the chances very small that this narcissist will become aggressive?

Do not start this whenever you do not have any support, if your mental or physical condition is weak due to recent stress. Do you really have full support of others and do you have enough stamina?

Then, but only then, please read further to learn how to treat or deal with a narcissist. Let the narcissist clearly show that you do not like his behavior.

How are the chances that this narcissist will explode in anger and become violent (either physically or verbally)?

This can be determined rather simply by just looking at his/her past.

If he had violent outbursts in the past, you can be pretty sure he will get them in the near future as well (especially when he hasn't been treated).

You can also look at the possible incidents where he has actually used his power position (status) to belittle people.

In fact, in this modern world, most narcissists used more subtle ways of violence and power.That would be the so-called white collar narcissist.If your educated guess tells you the narcissist can become violent, you should really prepare your treatment (or attack) of the narcissist.On the Internet a lot is written about the treatment of narcissism, about how you should deal with a narcissist.Sometimes I startle when reading those advices, whether written by a psychologist or psychiatrist or a pseudo-expert.

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