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M., Hannah Mc Roberts is with her husband and their daughter on a service area close to Kelsey Bay, on the East coast of the Vancouver Island.

During their pause they notice a cloud which passes on the top of a mountainous peak and makes the impression of an erupting volcano in eruption spitting a huge vaporblast.

They find the scene rather amusing and worth a picture.

Several days afterwards, when the photographs were developed, they noticed on one of the photographs a discoidal object in the sky.

His analysis is inserted in the scientific report of the Sturrock Panel. Hannah Mc Roberts and to interview her on CKOV Kelowna open line radio programme, in the course of which he formed the opinion that her story was entirely genuine and that what we have here is therefore a "legitimate classical type UFO photo." (The place where Mrs.- Science et Vie #976, January 1999 ----- THE VANCOUVER ISLAND PHOTOGRAPH Mrs. Mc Roberts says she took her photograph lies incidentally, some 450 kms or so to the north-west of Mount Rainier in the US State of Washington, where, as readers will recall, Kenneth Arnold claimed on June 24, 1947 to have seen his famous flight of nine saucers moving in formation at 1,200 mph and at an altitude of 10,000 ft over the Cascade Range.) THE EXAMINATION OF THE PRINTS IN UK AND USA Very wisely indeed, in view of past experience (what a story there is to be told, one day, about the interceptions of UFO photos and UFO reports from the public mails - and all over the world! Allan had arranged that the negative of this photograph should remain very firmly in the hands of Mrs. APRO had meanwhile passed their prints of the picture to one of their most eminent specialist consultants, Dr.Hannah Mc Roberts (aged 25) of Campbell River, BC, was with her family at a rest-area some thirty miles to the north of Kelsey Bay on the east coast of Vancouver Island, from October 10 to 15, 1981. James Harder, who is the Professor of Engineering in the University of California at Berkeley, and he and APRO agreed too that the negative should remain where it was., the will-it-make-it/will-it-not indie horror flick that’s been gathering dust since 2006.If you haven't, you just lost some major para-points. The flick, shot on a handheld in seven days at director Oren Peli’s crib, was made for a scant ,000, probably about the same price as the smallest ring on Lindsay Lohan’s pinky finger.

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