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During the advance, the GNA positioned themselves within a kilometer from the conference centre.Meanwhile, GNA fighters withdrew from the port, although they still controlled the port road, due to heavy ISIL sniper fire from a nearby hotel.Some 400 to 500 ISIL fighters were operating in the port area.By 7 July, Mirghani Badawi al-Bashir, nicknamed "Abu-al-Harith", was killed by a drone strike.A leading local ISIL commander and a prominent Sudanese peacher, Mirghani's death was regarded as heavy blow to ISIL by experts.The next day, an ISIL ammunition store was hit in the city center by ground fire, while more air-strikes hit other ISIL positions.In turn, ISIL fired Grad missiles at GNA positions in the first, second and third residential districts and the university campus.

ISIL forces had captured Sirte one year earlier, during the previous battle.The offensive on Sirte launched on , The following day, street fighting continued to rage in Sirte and heavy clashes took place around the Ouagadougou complex, with GNA forces hitting with artillery fire ISIL positions around the conference centre.On 13 June, the GNA advance in Sirte slowed as they reached the residential areas near the city center.ISIL fighters were holed up in the central and northern part of Sirte and a GNA counter-attack against ISIL positions at the town's main western entrance, after the suicide bombings the previous day, was repelled.On 16 June, a suicide attack at a police station in Abu Grain, at a crossroad between Sirte and Misrata, killed 10 soldiers and wounded 7.

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Also, a six-man GNA scouting team in Sirte was killed and their bodies paraded by ISIL.

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