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“Reinforcing the Significant Market Power (SMP) access regime currently in place, which is based on regulatory obligations on dominant operators, is an important element to achieve our goal of a Connected Society,” Alto chairman Ronan Lupton said.

Abstract Mashups, also known as bootlegs or bastard pop, epitomize current changes in the production of, and interaction with, popular culture.

Mashup artists utilize computer technology to remix and reshape the culture around them, and to build and maintain community.

By looking at the history of the mashup genre, the dispersed nature of the mashup community, the production techniques used by mashup producers, and the impacts of copyright law, this article demonstrates that the mashup genre and the worldwide community of its fans and producers are on the cutting edge of popular music, technology, and copyright.

Radio Veve Etno is a Romania based online radio which is known for their exciting song choice.

They are one of the popular name in the radio community and the radio has got a growing number of listeners for their radio programmings.

European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker highlighted the initiatives in an annual state of the union address that sought to counter Euroscepticism with concrete examples of how technocratic institutions in Brussels can deliver improvements to people’s everyday lives.Telecoms firms, including Irish companies such as Three, Vodafone and Eir, have been lobbying intensely for more flexible rules allowing them to boost revenue and invest in costly fast broadband to help the bloc catch up with the US and Asia.The plan, part of a drive to create a “digital single market” in the EU, suggests all European households, rural or urban, should have access to superfast connectivity offering download speeds of at least 100 mbps, while all urban areas as well as major roads and railways should have uninterrupted 5G coverage.The Commission also proposed reining in internet giants such as Google, Facebook’s Whats App and Microsoft’s Skype by extending telecoms security rules to web-based apps.Analysts, however, argued the plans largely favour incumbent telecom operators and media firms over the technology companies.

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