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Double clicking the executable will show a small window where you can enable a right click context menu entry.Something else it’s good at is running from the command line with an extensive number of parameters making this program an indispensable tool for resizing from within batch files and scripts.

The installer can be extracted with Universal Extractor to make it portable. Picture Resizer Picture Resizer is a strange tool because its options aren’t controlled in a window but through the programs file name!

Go to the website, enter some options in the wizard for how to process the images and the name you need for the executable is given.

Whole folders can then be dropped onto the file’s icon and they will be be converted automatically.

With the size of the picture some digital cameras around today can produce, it wouldn’t be impossible for you to have images with a resolution of several thousand pixels square and a file size of tens of Megabytes.

Having files like this is great when you want to view them with the best quality and print them out, but when it comes to distributing them to others, uploading to online photo albums or just keeping them on your phone etc, trying to do it with massive files is a waste of time and bandwidth.

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