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Upper-intermediate Polish wordlist This Wordlist is organized File by File.It includes all the words in the Vocabulary Banks in the Student s Book and the Multi ROM, all the words which are highlighted in the Student s Book, and all the words in the More Words to Learn sections of the Workbook.1A More Words to Learn badge /b&dz/ identyfikator He was wearing a badge with his name on it.chat (v) /ts&t/ gadać I chatted to other people while we waited.embarrassing /Im"[email protected] IN/ żenujący What has been your most embarrassing moment?eyebrows /"aibrauz/ brwi He raised his eyebrows in surprise.funeral /"fju;[email protected]@l/ pogrzeb What song do you want to be played at your funeral?have a date /%h&v @ "deit/ mieć randkę Jane had a date on Friday she went to a restaurant.

raise /reiz/ podnosić He raised his eyebrows in surprise.trust /trvst/ ufać Don t trust the smile, trust the actions.More words in 1A agony /"[email protected]/ agonia I had terrible toothache and I was in agony.amused /@"mju;zd/ rozbawiony The baby giggles when he s amused.assertive /@"s3;tiv/ asertywny My boss is assertive, she has a strong personality.

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awkward /"O;[email protected]/ niezręczny The atmosphere was awful it was all very awkward.

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