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The man in the Dating Site Murderer meme is Reddit user spawn02000, who jokingly posted that he uploaded an image of himself onto an online dating site.The picture was hastily turned into an image macro, which begins with a line of text that's murderous in intent.That line is then retroactively turned into an endearing phrase once the secondary line is applied. to the door so I can hold it open for them," and other similar sentences will have you clutching your stomach in laughter. were charged as adults Monday for the attempted first-degree intentional homicide of another 12-year-old.

He was convicted in the attack in 2011, but killed himself before he could be tried in the death of Anne Simenson.You should never judge a book by its cover, and that rings especially true with this Dating Site Murderer meme.The bearded man's beady eyes and predatory expression may have you turning the other way and running for your life, but after reading the sweet things he says, you soon realize he's the ideal chivalrous boyfriend.Mary Kay Beckman, 50, is suing for nearly million after being brutally stabbed by a man she met through the online dating site, KLAS reports.The assailant, Wade Ridley, was convicted in the attack in 2011.

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Four months later, in January 2011, Ridley broke into Beckman's garage and hid out there until she came home.

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