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and Ms MSU and Who's Who are spotlighted in limelight. The involve- ment of the student body in nearly 300 organizations is overwhelming. Below; The Mad Dawgs could be spotted warming up before each game by the unique logo worn on their sleeves. The council offers unique activities such as Late Night. -photo by Michael Hobby 46 essums Sessums, the capital of the world, is a fresh- man male hall. It introduces the entire uni- versity community to areas of interest within each school also. Staff: Mary Jakway, Kevin Lewis, Christy Mullen, and Aimee Wade. 180 "Bulldogs Involved" could be another name for this section. Green, Kevin Mc Quary, Matt Reese, Walter Bain, Michael Crawley, Clint Thornton, Ira Jones, Kevin Kolka, Chad Grosscup, and (in center) Les Strickland. The building is nine stories and provides a "home away from home" atmosphere. Root, Clay Williams, Eric Combs, Tommy Gilmore, Ken Ellis; Row 2: Darrell Smock, Deron Lockhart, Neil Jones, Johnny Joe; Row 3: Chris Jackson, Mark Faucher, Burry John- son, Raymond Brooks. Academics p.158 Academics highlights each school on campus. Below left The Mad Dawgs, the first ever kickoff team of non-scholarship athletes at Mississippi State, are(l to r): Purvie. & -photo by David Farrish The towering heights of Suttle houses the largest group of upperclassmen males at MSU. Left; Keo Coleman raises the Egg Bowl trophy after defeating arch rival Olc Miss. i Teanetta Tankson, Sheila Thomas, Chi- ^ * quitta Walton, Tracy "^ Glenn, Martha Byrd, Lori Waillard, Virginia Hawkins, Erica Green- away, Melynn Mangum; |T Row 2: La Quitha Snow, Lisa Gohnigan, Wloise • *».

Eddie Keith Advisor Staff Photographers: Allee Anderson, Demmie Blanco, Greg Maze, G. Courtesy photos from Sports Information, Fred Faulk and Public Relations, and Darrell Mc Allister of Film Graphics of Columbus, MS. -photo by David Farrish 47 c Kee Mc Kee, 'Home Sweet Mc Kee ', helps its freshman girls feel at home on the MSU cam- pus.Life p.14 Life deals with campus events as well as world events. Sports p.68 Sports highlights the athletic teams on campus. The residents are very involved and con- cerned with the campus.Boris Yeltsin, the new Russian leader, to the January 1992 blizzard are all covered in life. Jackie Sherrill's first season and Liberty Bowl appearance to the track and nationally ranked tennis team members — all can be found in sports. Hall Council: Row 1: Maria Meador, Stacey Stockwell, Anna Cheatham, Nikki Porter, Wendy Stowl, Amy Woods, Jennipher Schrag; Row 2: Sa- rah Hansen, Mar- rion Mills, Leslie Al- ford, Kristin gardner, Cindy Crunk, Stephanie Wallace. Robertson is an orthopaedic trained hand surgeon from New Orleans, Louisiana.She specializes in the treatment of carpal tunnel and cubital tunnel syndrome, nerve and tendon disease from injury or repetitive use, as well as arthritis and fracture care.

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