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They are desperate to come to you but need your help with the money to manage that.They were mugged and are in the hospital and need you to pay their hospital bill as they are being held hostage until it is paid.After being scammed you are put on a “contact” list by the scammers.You will be receiving random instant messages and emails from people you do not know. Please tell them you know they are scammer and block them.After you discover the scam you may have questions regarding the person you were talking to, the money you may have sent, the checks you may have cashed, how to report the scammer or just how the scam works.This is a section that can answer those questions and direct you to other areas on our site that will have more details on how to understand aftermath of a romance scammer.

When you deposit either in your account, in essence you are making a guarantee that the funds will be provided.

When they aren't, you have agreed to personally make them good.

Scammers are on dating sites, and social networks setting up fake profiles.

Scammers will pose under the disguise of beautiful pictures as either male or female claiming to be from the United States.

The scammer weaves a story of a successful business person working over seas, having no family; they present themselves as a thoughtful, caring and loving individual who is looking for their soul mate.

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The scammers are good at what they do; they ask lots of questions of the victim regarding what they want in their lives.

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