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There are currently 17,764 jobs waiting for you to start work on! Freelancer is the largest marketplace for jobs in the world. Use your Art design logo skills and start making money online today!I need a fully animated title sequence for a web video series ' Myth Crackin' Monday's'.The series is about cracking automotive myths like if you paint your intercooler black it works better, or if you double the power to your car stereo subwoofer you will get 3db extra.I need: 5-8 second title Fully animated Car theme Perhaps it's a logo that is animated?First order of business is that I require someone to help with loading a newly built web site onto dedicated server for beta testing.

I own a Landscaping and lawn care company, and we specialize in almost everything from tree cutting to laying pavers.

We will also be doing snow removal in the winter, So just looking for a logo that covers all the general aspects of my company. I need you to design and build a website for my small business.

simple website with following pages [url removed, login to view] page [url removed, login to view] us [url removed, login to view] [url removed, login to view] us [url removed, login to view] [url removed, login to view] me admin panel to add news and announcements var CONTEST_TYPE = 'c'; var PROJECT_TYPE = 'p'; var bookmark Tooltip Msg = { project: { bookmark: "Bookmark this project", unbookmark: "Unbookmark this project" }, contest: { bookmark: "Bookmark this contest", unbookmark: "Unbookmark this contest" } }; var infowindow Data = []; var ab Test Bookmark Color = false; function set Infowindow Data (data, index) { var infowindow = {}; = data[index.lat]; = data[index.lon]; if (! infowindow.lon) { return; } = data[index.name]; infowindow.budget = data[index.budget]; infowindow.seo_url = data[index.seo_url]; infowindow.location = []; if (data[index.vicinity]) { infowindow.location.push(data[index.vicinity]); } if (data[index.administrative_area_level_1]) { infowindow.location.push(data[index.administrative_area_level_1]); } if (data[index.project_country]) { infowindow.location.push(data[index.project_country]); } infowindow.address = infowindow.location.join(', '); infowindow.hourly = data[index.duration] !

The web site is a comprehensive Adult Directory that has taken 8 months to build; the build was out sourced to an Indian Company d...

Please take a look at this image which is on Shutterstock: [url removed, login to view] The above image is far too complex, too wavy.

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I want something much simpler, a bit of a wave, but much straighter.

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