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So what does one do when hunger strikes at midnight?Nutrition experts explain that snacking at midnight is allowed as long as you keep a few rules in mind. Sucheta Pal, a celebrity master trainer and Zumba education specialist for India explains that one should instead have more proteins and fibre, as they digest easily."When you feel hungry at midnight, your instant reaction is to reach out for fried chips or instant noodles as they are readily available.

Another option is baby carrot and cucumber sticks or celery, served with a homemade yoghurt-based dip. Patwardhan suggests adding date chutney to the mix instead of imli chutney."Cucumbers have negative calories," says Patwardhan. Khakhra mix or bhel with date chutney: Sanghvi says that instead of reaching out for wafers, one can easily rustle up a snack with homemade khakhras. Add onions, tomatoes, mint and coriander chutney to it. "Date chutney has micronutrients like iron and calcium," she points out."And depending on the ingredients you add to the bhel, like peanuts, the calorie count of one serving can vary between 150 to 250 calories." Crackers tortilla chips topped with veggies: Shaikh says that crackers topped with vegetables are a favourite."The calorie count h depends on the serving but it would usually be less than 200 calories," she says.A couple of months ago, Rashi Mehra used to work for a BPO.At the end of the three years that she spent there, where she worked through the graveyard shift, she got used to leading a nocturnal existence.

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