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Jo Jung Chi and Jung In have moved in together on 'We Got Married', but Jo Jung Chi revealed that he already has their future home ready for when they actually tie the knot.

The two, who have been dating for 11 years, previously hinted at the fact that they'll be getting married soon.

On the latest '1v100', Jo Jung Chi commented, "We're going to get married.

At the latest, we'll be married early next year."In terms of more detailed information about their long-anticipated marriage, he said, "We haven't thought of a date yet, but our newlywed home is prepared. "SEE ALSO: My Feed: Get the K-POP stories that matter to you the most!

Now we have to furnish it, but since we'll move in together after getting married, we'll have plenty of time to get ready at our own pace." Host Han Suk Joon also asked about a proposal, and Jo Jung Chi responded, "It's fun to do this and that with you these days, and I think we've grown more fond of each other, which is nice.

and was given an alcoholic drink before blacking out minutes later.

She said she then drifted in and out of consciousness as Kang assaulted her.

The woman, 23, told police she didn't fully regain consciousness until she was already on her way home in a taxi cab. Spillman found guilty of sex assault, gets 5 years Pirates President Frank Connelly acknowledged Tuesday that the Pirates are aware of the investigation of Kang, who has not been charged with a crime at this time.

She went to Northwestern Memorial Hospital on June 19 to have a rape kit done, and filed a formal complaint with police 10 days later. "We have been made aware of the allegation that has been made against Jung Ho Kang," Connelly said in a statement.

"We take allegations of this type extremely seriously.

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