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Look at the XML file above in your browser: Most browsers will display an XML document with color-coded elements.Often a plus (+) or minus sign (-) to the left of the elements can be clicked to expand or collapse the element structure.To view raw XML source, try to select "View Page Source" or "View Source" from the browser menu.Note: In Safari 5 (and earlier), only the element text will be displayed.

To add actual content from Neos to the desired places in the markup, a special View Helper to turn control back to Typo Script is used.

This has been mentioned in Wrapping this into some container (if needed) in a lot of cases provides for enough possibilities to style the menu using CSS.

In case it still is needed, it is possible to change the rendered markup of . Node Types package and the content elements all have default Fluid templates.

Combined with the possibility to define custom templates per instance or on the prototype level, this already provides a lot of flexibility.

Another possibility is to inherit from the existing Typo Script and adjust as needed using Typo Script.

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