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FORWARD: This Aquarium Answers article (post) is not intended as a complete algae control article, but is intended to address the types of algae that I receive the most questions about which are Brown Diatom Algae, Freshwater Thread/Hair Algae, Black Beard Brush Algae (BBA), and Marine Hair Algae aka Filamentous marine algae (I address other algae as well in this article).I will add to and update this article as well over time.The information contained herein is based on my experience with literally 1000s of contract client aquariums over the years, as well as research, and feedback from other.Please note that algae control is NOT an exact science and there are many methods I have not used or researched that may also work, as well, my methods may not work as well for some as all it often takes is new/different variable for an algae control method to be less effective.The bottom line is I do not claim that this article is the "end all" for algae control, but I do think the majority of readers will find this article useful, often with information not found elsewhere.Updated 7/2/16 Brown Algae is not considered a true algae as per many biologists, rather a diatom.However under the 5 Kingdom classification system both Brown Diatoms and more common algae fall into the "grab bag" Kingdom; "Proctotista", although Brown Diatom Algae fall into the division Bacillariophyceae.

Not all diatoms float freely though; many may cling to surfaces such as aquatic plants, gravel, décor, molluscs, and crustaceans.Brown Diatom Algae are dependent upon silicates and high DOC (dissolved organic compounds) in the water and thrive in conditions where the minerals and Redox are out of balance.Brown diatom algae also out compete more desirable green algae in these conditions when light is poor for healthy photosynthesis due to lack adequate amounts of light in the proper PAR.This has been called "Green Snot Algae" (scientific name Didymosphenia geminata) and is becoming more common in streams just under the surface and/or covering rocks (pictured to the right).Also commonly known as didymo, this is a rapidly spreading invasive species of diatom.

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