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It may be helpful to ask a couple of your friends what they perceive your good qualities are.We can be our own worst critic, so a friend’s word may provide more optimistic and positive things that you can write in your profile about yourself. In what you write in your profile and also with regard to your photographs.If you are looking for a true love match, your honest answers will attract a good match.Be honest about the activities you like to do, because your date will expect you to do those things – it may be the reason that he/she chose to reach out to you.If you are not an active person, do not write that you enjoy surfing or swimming.Instead, you can write other activities such as enjoy watching movies, tasting wine, etc.Be honest with your pictures – ensure they are current pictures and not photo-shopped.Ultimately you will meet in person and the “real you” will be seen.

For example, instead of writing “I love to travel internationally”, mention that you went to Paris or South America last year, and this year you are planning a trip to another country.

Instead of writing “I have a great sense of humor”, write a clever joke in your profile.

Instead of writing “I love music”, mention that you like a certain music group.

No matter how well your dating profile is written, both men and women look at the photograph first.

No profile photograph often means that your profile will not even be read.

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