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For example, star power may signal the role of warranty and brand extension.

It could stimulate media and consumer attentions rather than movie choice directly (Basuroy, Chatterjee, and Ravid 2003; Elberse 2007; Liu 2006).

Empirical data collected from the Chinese motion picture industry reveal that prerelease media appearance (a proxy for publicity) and online WOM conversation (a proxy for WOM) influence moviegoing decision making, but they play different roles.

Media publicity determines moviegoers' innovation probability, whereas WOM determines both innovation and imitation probability.

This article provides a better understanding of the decision making involved in moviegoing, as well as effective ways to market and release new movies in emerging markets.

Keywords: moviegoing, prerelease, media publicity, word of mouth The motion picture industry is an "experiential product" market, characterized by product quality information asymmetry between firms and consumers (Eliashberg and Sawhney 1994).

Before viewing a new movie, consumers have difficulty evaluating its quality.

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Thus, there is impetus for firms to provide quality signals (e.g., star power, advertising expenditures, screening width) and for consumers to look for them, as well as for signals from third-party sources (e.g., media publicity, word of mouth, critic reviews) to form quality perceptions and movie choice behavior (Basuroy, Desai, and Talukdar 2006; Neelamegham and Jain 1999).

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