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I will sometimes tell jokes and stories that also tell the audience about what I do and what I offer.

I've had people buy my book as a result of seeing my stand-up.

– George Blaisdell started Zippo in the midst of The Great Depression.

Many of his early marketing techniques were simple yet effective.

We've continued this campaign over the past three months and have increased traffic to our home site by 62 percent and our online presence by 40 percent.– After launching my website in May of 2010, I had to figure out how to tell the world about Cheek'd.I decided to target 20 of the major editors in New York by messengering a sole Cheek'd card that read, "this card could change your life" in a mysteriously packaged black envelope.A few weeks later, the New York Times coined us "the next generation of online dating." The article crashed my site gave us orders all over the world and even produced a phone call from one of Oprah Winfrey's producers!– I am marketing French Fry Heaven by taking a food truck 4,500 miles over two weeks this September to share fries and franchise opportunity with potential franchisees.

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