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Even though the night before, they gleefully received the gent’s ravishment. If a woman can have her cake and eat it, too, she will. The thing to understand is that telling a man “no” is a way to weed out the weaklings from the men who know what they want (her).The best way to hone your sense about when ‘no’ means ‘yes’ is to have a lot of interactions with attractive women.And in particular, it’s when you go for the lay very soon after meeting a girl that she’ll be most likely to resist your attempts to get in her pants.This situation is commonly known as Last Minute Resistance or “LMR” for short (this is a situation I teach how to overcome in my newest book LMR Exposed).Vincent is an online entrepreneur currently living in beautiful Thailand.

Women want to monopolize power in the sexual marketplace so that they can control access to sex and manipulate this most primal, most productive of urges to their benefit.Ultimately, it to their benefit at all but that’s another story.Perhaps it’s no different from Western men who go abroad to a country where their sexual value is much higher and pussy seems to fall from the sky.We’re all looking out for number one and doing whatever we can to pass on those selfish genes.Ask any guy who’s banged a lot of girls and has had a lot of same-night lays, and he will surely regale you with tales of seemingly insurmountable resistance, conquered and slain by his resolve and unwavering horniness.

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It’s in the nature of beautiful women to resist, test, protest, sabotage and make your job of fucking them difficult.

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