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Camelot who run the lotto in the UK put out a nationwide appeal and get the missing champion, but nobody ever came ahead to declare the award.

After the due date terminated the award, plus all interest, was contributed to the UK’s Lottery Good Causes Fund.

Recently I gambled online at the “William Hill Casino Club” I can remember thinking, I think this thing is rigged.

When I first started betting, the roulette table let me win on a couple of spins, then after I was losing like a dog. Its been rigged so that wherever i bet the software will make the ball appear in the opposite place…

Watch my video…the clarity is not the best but its still a video on online Roulette and there is some audio to go with it.

It consistently develops up to jackpots in more than €100 million – a big factor to the reputation of the experience. Some will know the greatest ever jackpot (so far) went to Gillian Bayford and Adrian in Aug 2012, for a huge total of €190 million.

But for those who don’t know Euro Millions very well, or those who think they know all about it – here are some smaller known more uncommon information about the experience. But most individuals don’t recognize that the tiniest ever jackpot win was ‘just’ €14 million. Those odds is fairly challenging for the jackpot, particularly after the experience was modified to create it even more complicated to win back in May 2011.

Not a bad a little sum, but a globe away from the Bayford’s huge win. But the most tickets that have ever matched all the figures to declare the jackpot has only been 3.

That indicates the jackpot award has only ever been divided at most 3 different ways.

So if you don’t like discussing much, this might be the experience for you. Don’t loose Your Ticket Tickets do get losing and price do go unclaimed.

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But the greatest of all was an unbelievable losing jackpot of €63.8 thousand.

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