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All "real men" are, or will be, married; some have sex only with women, but others have a range of sexual partners.

Kteuy face significant problems of social acceptance (including issues relating to marriage and children) and violence.

The general social environment towards kteuy is tolerant, but those who transgress gender behaviour are nevertheless treated with contempt and subject to discrimination ("real men" with important jobs who engage in same-sex relations hide their lifestyles).

Some "real men" are violently prejudiced against non-real men, and may attack or rape them.

(Former King Sihanouk once commented that "real men", not minorities, are the source of violence in society).

to let LGBT tourists know they are welcome in the country, the Ministry of Tourism welcomed this initiative.

"We have no policy to discriminate on sex, national and religious grounds.

We really support them," said So Sokvuthy from this Ministry.

While traditional cultural mores tend to be tolerant in this area, even expressly providing support for people of an intermediate or third gender, LGBT rights legislation has not yet been enacted by the ruling government.

The Khmer language recognises male ("pros") and female ("srey") as the dominant genders, but also includes term kteuy (equivalent to the Thai "kathoey") for a third gender intermediate between the other two: it describes a person who has the external physical characteristics of either pros or srey but behaves in a manner appropriate to the other.

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