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Case in point: A new Kickstarter project called Dark Skyes that aims to be the world’s first brony dating simulation game.For the uninitiated, bronies are males who are over the age of 12 years old who are also fans of the My Little Pony cartoon and toy franchise.The team at Dark Skyes has developed a dating simulation game where bronies adopt their own My Little Pony avatar and try to get themselves involved in a relationship with other ponies that inhabit the virtual town of Cirrus City. And for any bronies out there who are interested, the game still needs to raise ,700 over the next eight days to meet its target goal of ,500.The game promises that your pony will have more than 50 different potential pony mates to choose from all while giving you more than 100 hours of gameplay. While that seems like a daunting task, we’re sure the power of light within every brony’s heart can make it happen.From tag sales to street vendors, from block parties to just seeing friendly faces walking around, there's never a shortage of cool stuff and experiences to have in The Big Apple.Check Pitchfork out for the show schedule, then go catch a t Un E-y Ar Ds show at the Knitting Factory.Make you you rub your genitals against someone else's genitals and combine your hair and sweat with their hair and sweat, then go to their apartment and tromp around in your piss/shit covered shoes and use their weird, expensive hygiene products and smell a stranger's new smells.Coke is really not a big deal--you can try a little bumpypoo and still hold your shit down--you won't become one of those 'cokeheads', relax.

We countdown the top 11 DUMBEST Kickstarter projects so far.Everything from helping someone make Potato Salad to a Brony dating simulator... Potato Salad Kickstarter - https:// Heavens Game - https:// Cybermatrix 100 u01 https:// Crazy TV You Tube Channel Kickstarter https://The Internet is certainly a miraculous creation but there are times when we see truly horrific things that it’s enabled that make us wish we could burn the Internet down and salt over its ashes.Music: album/ideas-man MDE is Sam Hyde, Nick Rochefort, Charls Carroll.Edit by trappped, and MDE Audio mixed by James Price, Ideas Man is a co-production of MDE and Pomp&Clout We don't really like advertising, and no television or entertainment company would touch us with a ten foot pole, so if you want to see more great MDE productions, please remember to Pay Pal or send BTC, donate Sounds from users: ultradust () Sarana () a.e decembered Ray Price () nextmaking megamart Ndheger corsica_s () Pogotron Joe De Shon () Kyle1Katarn MWLANDI gchand1 Local Talk Radio jesabat rkeato Noise Collector (details/noisecollector) Herbert Boland () amszala nixsound genviou Other actors/extras: Gwen Burton Bill Kemmler Chris Ordonez James Esposito Gregory Fong Keaton Ventura Tina Sarno Sean Kehoe Max Dienemann Anabela Barlow Buttermilk Matt Orenberg anonymous girl anonymous girl #2 Jim Bjorklund Stu Matt Orenberg James Price Carlos Taveras Josh Mackler Stefanclip from the KSTV series episode 07 - social media?

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