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Like Mean Girls, she has to deal with a Queen Bee who's desperate to be on top.

There's some profanity and rude finger gestures, as well as some race-baiting (Winnie calls the Crenshaw Heights squad "ghetto" -- but by then she's well-established as the Mean Girl of the movie).The characters learn to be honest and trust those who are trustworthy, although this lesson may be overshadowed by the bad behavior leading up to this point.There's also prominent product placement of Fritos, Teen People, Pepsi, and Cingular.In BRING IT ON: ALL OR NOTHING, Britney (Hayden Panettiere) has it made as the cheer team captain at Pacific Vista High School.And she is, as her mother puts it, "smart, pretty, and blond." But when her father's company relocates to the decidedly un-OC Crenshaw Heights, Britney's family moves with it.

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