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There is a group of verbs for which the passé compose is formed with être as opposed to avoir. Passé composé (French pronunciation: [pase kɔ̃poze], compound past) is the most commonly used past tense in the modern French language.

Its campaign to ban the Toro de la Vega, an event dating back to medieval times in which a bull is ritually killed by residents of the town of Tordesillas, Valladolid province, each September 15, has been backed by actors and television personalities such as Dani Rovira, Jorge Javier Vázquez, Eva Isanta and David Muro.

“I find it abhorrent that people can enjoy the suffering of animals,” says Dani Rovira, star of last year’s hit Spanish comedy .

A demonstration is planned in Madrid for September 12 to call for an end to the Toro de la Vega.

Musicians and other artists have thrown their support behind a planned music festival in Tordesillas to coincide with the Toro de la Vega.

La conjugaison du verbe savoir sa définition et ses synonymes. The construction is parallel to that of the present perfect (there is no difference in French between perfect and non- perfect forms).

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